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Generate more leads

High-quality converting leads without the hassle.

Bridging the data gap

Simple and clear data helps you establish your ROI and other key metrics.

Voice Call Analytics

Receive insights into your customers in real time.

Power your lead generation campaign with artificial intelligence

If your business receives phone calls, you will know how important it is to track the calls you generate and attribute those sales to the correct marketing channel or keyword.

Let the power of artificial intelligence transform your campaign with inbound call insights from AI-powered categorisation models and pinpoint the outcome of your calls automatically – making inbound calls as measurable as online clicks.

Understand what marketing activities and customer types are generating calls and leads that convert in real time. Pinpoint the exact solution or product the enquiry was for and whether it was converted into a sale automatically through the power of artificial intelligence, so you can generate more sales and reduce costs.

Generate more sales leads for less

Increase sales from inbound calls by tracking and measuring the outcome of every call, enabling you to optimise your campaign based on actual sales instead of call volume.


Pinpoint the ads and keywords that bring in sales – not just leads.


Pinpoint not only the ads and keywords that bring in leads, but the ones that bring in sales.


Understand where opportunities lie to increase conversions and reduce your cost-per-sale.

Reduce your cost-per-sale

Say goodbye to wasted clicks thanks to enhanced data that lets you measure the effectiveness of your campaign by channel, by ads, and by keywords. Gain a better understanding of your marketing ROI, remove wasted spend, and uncover opportunities to reduce your cost-per-sale.

Measuring strategic KPI’s with ease

Remove the blind spots about offline sales generated by online clicks in your KPI reporting. Measure campaign performance and KPIs in real time. Track your customers throughout their journey, both online and offline.

Filling in your KPI data gaps

Get full visibility on each customer’s journey and remove data blind spots by discovering what conversions and revenue are attributed to inbound calls. Discover not just how many calls your PPC or social media generates, but the number of actual sales from each call through AI-powered voice analytics.

New customer insights

Business changes every day, and people will quickly share their opinions – good and bad – about a sales call or a customer services call with your business. Receive real-time insights about new customers so you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Integrate into your favourite platforms with ease

Get the most from your data with free account management

Our account support is not just a help desk but a team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you get the most out of your data. If you need a bespoke report created, our account management will get it sorted for you. Or maybe you need some data analysis for a board report? No problem. And best of all, our account management service is free.

There’s a plan whatever your business needs

We do it for you, fully managed

We pay for Google and Facebook, you only pay per exclusive inbound lead. Choose our fully managed service if you don’t have the time or resource to manage parts of your campaign in-house.

You do it yourself, with better data insight

Bridge the gap through your customer journey with more data. Power your own lead generation strategy with artificial intelligence, enabling you to analyse call and sales data in one place.