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Disrupting the landscape of call analytics

A leading AI-based call analytics platform, eSales Hub provides businesses with real-time insight into all the sources that a customer phone call came from and allows the source to be measured. This creates the foundation for future sales and greater optimisation of a media spend strategy.

As part of eSales Hub, we provide three solutions that help businesses across multiple sectors to unlock new growth opportunities.

Customer Testiomonial

“We first started working with eSalesHub for lead generation and got great results. But then our relationship quickly switched through working in conjunction with them in realising the potential to being a valued data partner. The insight they could provide us and our franchisees on performance in real-time we couldn’t get from any other system we had. We set the goal of having full visibility from origin of the lead through to final customer review. And it can deliver”

Alastair Donson

Franchise Performance Manager – Dyno/Centrica


eSales is a lead generation solution that helps businesses to create more enquiries through sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more. The solution also employs advanced call tracking, so brands can utilise data from relevant sources and have a deeper understanding of ROI.


eCallAnalytics is the market leading call analytics platform that uses AI to not only track calls but categorises them to understand the outcome of valuable sales calls and measure ROI. Businesses have full visibility of the most influential marketing sources and can refine their overall strategy for ongoing growth.


Ideal for companies large or small that hire direct, eRecruitment is a solution that’s designed to improve the hiring process, reduce the cost per hire and streamline recruitment advertising strategies. Our intuitive AI platform aggregates your recruitment data to bring you the best candidates for your role.

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Why choose eSales Hub?

Generate more sales leads for less

Utilise eSales Hub’s powerful call tracking and categorisation feature to measure the outcome of every call and use it as a fuel for optimising a campaign based on actual sales instead of call volume.

We also provide a fully managed service, which means you only pay per lead, not per click. From Google Ads to Facebook, we take the risk on your media spend and can provide you with exclusive leads.

We pay for Google and Facebook, you pay per lead


Spot what marketing initiatives bring the most relevant leads in and optimise campaign accordingly.


Pinpoint not only the ads and keywords that bring in leads, but the ones that bring in sales.


Understand where opportunities lie to increase conversions and reduce your cost per sale.

Discover what your customers are actually saying

From prospects to customers, people are always sharing opinions about your business and having insight into what’s being said means that you can be proactive across your entire service and product offerings.

The eSales Hub system offers real-time insights about customer feedback, so you’ll always be able to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Reduce your cost-per-sale

Say goodbye to wasted clicks thanks to enhanced data that lets you measure the effectiveness of your campaign by channel, by ads, and by keywords. Gain a better understanding of your marketing ROI, remove wasted spend, and uncover opportunities to reduce your cost-per-sale.

Measure and fill in your KPI data gaps with ease

The platform measures key campaign performance and KPIs in real-time, so you’ll be able to gain complete visibility of every customer’s journey.

This involves discovering the number of conversions and revenue attributed to inbound calls, PPC campaigns, social media channels and other important sources so you can constantly refine your overall strategy.

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Account Management and Analyst Support Included

We provide a free account management service that can help to give you a better understanding of your data.

Our in-house experts specialise in source reporting, customer insights and data analysis and are always on hand to answer any questions. Whether you need a bespoke report created or software advice, we’re here to help.