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We’ll help you grow and retain your clients with enhanced call analytics data

We’ll get the data your clients crave-for

Knowing how successful a campaign is, is often the key to both growth and retention of your clients. Our next generation call analytics platform will ensure all the sales you drive on behalf of your client are attributed back to their respective campaign and marketing spend, giving the client the opportunity to grow sales effectively, optimise their spend, bridge the data gaps between data sources and provide real-time customer insight, whilst clearly communicating the value you provide as their digital or marketing agency.

We’ll help you validate client spend so they know you are doing a great job on their behalf

Gaps in data reporting from online clicks to offline sales can limit a clients perception of success. Generate insight from very call, helping your client understand where the missed opportunities to grow sales and optimise spend lie in real-time like never before.

We’ll help you grow accounts and retain more clients with better data

Integrate your favourite marketing tools for a complete customer picture. From online click to offline sale, birdge the data gap in your reporting to provide you with the complete picture for true return on investment calculations and attribute all the sale you generate to your online activity.

We’ll go the extra mile with free account management for you and your clients

Our account support is not just a help desk, but a team of data scientists to help your clients get the most out of your their discoveries. Supporting both you and your client, our account support is a team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you and the client get the most out of the data. And best of all, our account management is free to both you and the client.

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Our approved agency partner programme enables agencies to unlock the power of eSales Hub’s platform and a whole host of exclusive benefits

Get access to call analytics for your own agency for free, training programmes when you need them and exclusive offers for your clients to get them on board.

Free Agency Platform

As an approved agency partner, you can use eSales Hub analytics for your own agency website free of charge. After-all, how can you recommend something you haven’t used yourself?

Free 30-Day Trial

Approved agency partners can offer an exclusive 30-day free trial of our platform, 100% more than what we offer our direct customer.

Free Training

Free training courses and seminar so you get the best out of client data.

Optional Revenue share

Have a share of the benefits that introducing a client to eSales Hub brings. Or you can simply recommend us, the choice is yours.