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What is eRecruitment?

eRecruitment is a game-changing AI-based platform that provides deep insights into the entire recruitment journey and helps companies optimise their advertising and streamline the recruitment journey. This will put you in a stronger position to reduce cost per hire and supercharge the hiring process.

Customer Testiomonial

“Before we started working with eSales Hub we had no idea what return on investment we were getting.

Now we do –we know exactly what return we will get from our spend, which has enabled us to increase our applications, reduce our cost per hire for nurses from £10k to £750 and increase our hire ratio from online applications to 10%.”

Tony Woollett

Recruitment Director – Barchester Health Care

How does it work?

Step 1

Your job adverts are pushed out via APIs to job boards and online traffic sources to drive job applications via your website.

Step 2

Automated sifting of each applicant ensures you only get the ones you want based on agreed criteria.

Step 3

Each application enters your ATS and follows the existing application workflow, with data points being sent to the eRecruitment Hub Analytics Portal.

Step 4

The vetting process is then automated to speed up hire workflows and reduce offer-to-hire drop out.

Step 5

The click source, keyword, campaign, application and other data is available instantly. This will help to optimise your campaign based on the status of your application and gets rid of wasted clicks.

Step 6

All the new data is integrated with your chosen ATS and you have complete visibility.

What are the benefits?

Generate more hires

The eRecruitment platform opens up the path to generating more hires by providing insight into the most valuable recruitment channels and offering an indication of how much money should be spent on that channel.

From job boards to direct calls, it works by analysing every channel that a candidate got in contact through and provides a detailed overview. This means you can see the outcome and refine your recruitment marketing strategy.

Streamline your internal processes

At what stage are candidates dropping out? What improvements could we make to increase our hire ratio? What is my real cost of vetting candidates?

With the level of data insights that eRecruitment provides, you’ll be able to answer these questions and streamline the entire recruitment process.

Reduce your cost per application

From Indeed to LinkedIn, the system is designed to analyse all key channels that contribute towards the hiring process. With this insight you’ll be able to identify the exact strategies that are driving clicks, calls and hires.

As a result, you’ll be able to direct your budget towards the recruitment campaigns that provide the most value.

A 360-degree view of the application process

The eRecruitment system provides a holistic view of the entire recruitment journey and a deep analysis of the application process.

For example, long phone conversations can be transcribed to pull out key points quickly and efficiently. This data is then included in the overall analysis and goes a long way to ensuring no touchpoint has been left out.

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