Generate More Sales from your Lead Generation Campaign

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Turn online clicks into inbound sales calls

Does your business drive sales through phone calls? Understanding what marketing activities are generating calls and sales in real-time can make a major difference in today’s competitive market.

Even in this time of online dominance, the phone is still king for sales. Google’s data found that 70% of users still call from Google Search, as most users want to speak to a real person. With sales calls converting at 18% versus 2% of online users, tracking phone calls as part of your lead generation campaign has never been more important.

eSalesHub AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform can pinpoint the exact solution or product at the heart of the enquiry and whether it was converted into a sale. Marketers can eliminate guesswork through the power of artificial intelligence, driving more sales by investing in the channels that work, and switching spend from channels that don’t.

Bespoke data reporting because every business is different

We can tailor call categorisation – and the call outcomes you want to track – to your business needs with over 10 categories that you can define using our Supervised Decision Tree Machine Learning model.

This clear and accessible real-time call feedback lets you identify sales and missed opportunities – so you can discover what is holding you back from a local branch, right through to divisional and company level.

Our next-generation platform automatically tracks the keyword, campaign, or source right through to sale conversion on the call in real-time. You can even upload data from your CRM system to track the invoice value for complete return on investment metrics.

You will know which online clicks turned into a lead, quote, sale, or missed opportunity – and why – at scale for more accurate campaign optimisation so you can lower your cost per sale if you wish.

Generate more from your existing marketing spend

eSalesHub’s Call Tracking Analytics is a game-changer for businesses looking to understand their true sales results by channel and campaign

Questions we answer:

  • How can I generate more sales lead cost effectively?
  • Where do I investment more marketing budget to generate more sales cost effectively
  • What is my cost per acquisition?
  • Which keywords are driving sales versus wasted clicks?
  • What channels are contributing to or influencing the final sale
  • Where should I spend more to drive sales? And where can I cut spending?

No more wasted clicks

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by channel, ads, and keywords to understand marketing ROI, remove wasted spend, and unveil opportunities for growth.

Quantity: Spot what marketing initiatives bring in the most relevant leads and optimise your campaign accordingly

Quality: Pinpoint the ads and keywords that bring in leads – and the ones that bring in sales

Opportunities: Understand where opportunities lie to increase conversions and grow sales

Assess each call using AI

Understand what marketing activities are generating calls and convert them into a sale in real-time with enhanced data. eSalesHub’s next-generation call tracking platform utilises AI to automatically pinpoint the exact solution or product behind each enquiry, and whether it was converted into a sale, in real-time.

Enhanced source reporting

Combining the source of the call and its outcome enables you to optimise your campaign based on sales value and outcome, rather than just call volume.

True return on investment

Combining the source of the call and its outcome enables you to optimise your campaign based on sales value and outcome, rather than just call volume.

Bridge the data gap

eSalesHub’s state-of-the-art call tracking analytics is a game-changer for businesses across the globe. Use the power of artificial intelligence to attribute offline sales to your online marketing in real-time.

Unique customer insights from every call

Our AI-powered real-time data lets you identify sales and missed opportunities. Find the issues that are stopping your business from making more sales and delivering exceptional customer service.

Integrate into your favourite platforms with ease

Get the most from your data with free account management

Our account support is not just a help desk but team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you get the most out of your data with regular reports. Need a new bespoke report created, our account management will get it sorted for you. Need some data analysis for a board report, no problem. And best of all, our account management is free.

There’s a plan whatever your business needs

We do it for you, fully managed

We pay for Google and Facebook, you only pay per exclusive inbound lead. Choose our fully managed service if you don’t have the time or resource to manage parts of your campaign in-house.

You do it yourself, with better data insight

Bridge the gap through your customer journey with more data. Power your own lead generation strategy with artificial intelligence, enabling you to analyse call and sales data in one place.