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A complete picture of online to offline sales – powered by AI

Optimise your Google campaign by understanding sales conversions in real-time from inbound calls, so you can generate more for less. Easily understand the keywords that are driving clicks, calls, and – ultimately – sales so you can optimise your Google campaigns on sales conversion rather than call volume.

Insights from every Google generated customer with bespoke AI-powered data reporting

Access eSalesHub’s unique AI-powered call analytics for powerful customer insights from every call – without the time delay or resource cost of listening to endless conversations.

Connects to your marketing software for greater optimisation

Integrate your favourite marketing tools for a complete customer picture. From online click to offline sale, bridge the data gap in your reporting to provide you with the complete picture for true return on investment calculations and attribute all the sales you generate to your online activity.

Free account management

Our account support is not just a help desk, but a team of data scientists who can help you get the most out of your data. Our experts specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you understand where you can generate more from Google. And best of all, our account management service is free.

Lower your Google cost-per-sale with a deeper understanding of your sales conversions and customer calls

Our analytics platform establishes your true return on investment, while in-built features give you real-time customer insights and highlight how you can grow sales and improve customer service.

Easily access call data with an easy-to-use interface, shareable reports, and tools to save time and increase efficiency.

Smart AI Call Categorisation

Artificial intelligence categorises each call so you don’t have to. Map the customer’s journey to your sales pipeline and the customer service journey to discover the sources and keywords that drive your most valuable customers – so you can generate more of them.

Smart Voice Analytics

eSalesHub customers can analyse sales versus quotes and generate deeper insights into customer service calls. For example, they can see the difference in the language used when the customer is happy or has complained. This provides unmatched insight into service, product issues, and pinpoints quick wins.

Smart Source Analytics

Understand which sources and clicks drive the most sales, not just call volume, and where you are wasting clicks.

Smart Alerts

Get alerts on email and on text message in real-time when sales drop or the business starts to miss calls.

Smart Keywords Analytics

Keyword data from calls based on sales conversion lets you understand the high-value terms that drive sales. You do not pay for customer service calls from your Google Ads or Bing campaign.

Smart NPS

Combine call data with CRM outcomes and NPS scores to get a complete ‘line-of-site’ for every customer and every opportunity missed to improve your ROI and key learnings.

Smart Divert

Ensure each customer is connected with the right destination number depending on their site journey. If a customer is based in Birmingham, we can make sure they always see a local 0121 number to increase page conversion and provide localised service.

Smart Google Integration for SA360, GA360 and Google Ads insight

Merges seamlessly with Google products, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, SA360 and GA360.

Smart Demographics

Profile the customers who call you to understand the demographics of those you convert and those you do not.

Smart CRM Integration

Insert and extract call data into your CRM platform or knowledge tool for a complete understanding of the customer journey – from click to invoice value.

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